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Memory is elusive, especially when it comes to Alzheimer’s and family. Save the Bones traces the path of Memory: remembering, forgetting, making things up along the way, shifting identities and roles, trying to stay on the right track. Nothing is ever straightforward in the living or the telling. There is always an undercurrent, a murmuring soundtrack that accompanies everything.

Listen to the undercurrent in the relationship of a mother and daughter caught in the dizzying unraveling that is Alzheimer’s. The woman that Shannon O’Donnell knew as her mother Marie—charming, vibrant, political, outgoing—becomes ever more a stranger to her family and friends as the disease nibbles away at her memories, her personality, her singular identity. Save the Bones invites you to accompany Shannon and Marie on that crooked path, a place of darkness and light, heartbreak and even humor.

Reviewers say:
"Finally a real-life story about the trials and tribulations and joy of dealing with Alzheimer's."

"Shannon's recounting of her mother's slow descent into Alzheimer's is told with humor and compassion."

"Every time I read something written by Shannon O'Donnell, I find that I come out a better person."


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Save the Bones,
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